Information on Dominica & Housing

21 01 2010

Cell Biology video

21 01 2010

made by Harvard folks in collaboration with professional education company.

Study, study, study

14 01 2010

Since there is a little bit of time on the weekend to catch up, I can post more fun pictures.

We have this sign on campus that says: “Slow down iguana crossing”. I had no idea until I saw one in the grass one day…

Also, I won’t be posting daily pictures of goods in Dominica but there are good eats around here. I was surprised when I read other student’s blogs and one person said that the only decent thing around here was KFC. It is so untrue. Although the food isn’t the best around here there are actually lots of variety and options … that is if you aren’t so concerned with gourmet. [Pictures are posted in the photobucket link on the right side.]

About Skype:


11 01 2010

I bought this awesome advocado shake today and found a surprise in my drink: nutmeg!

Health Benefits of Nutmeg: Nutmeg cures stomach ache, diarrhea and helps to detoxify the body, reduces blood pressure and increases blood circulation. It is also good for digestion, reducing acidity, relieving vomiting, flatulence and is used as a medicine for respiratory problems.”

I didn’t really like the taste, but went ahead and drank the whole thing knowing it was good for me and my health. Surprisingly I am not coughing anymore… and this makes me utterly happy today. :o)

Dayquil & Nyquil

10 01 2010

I made an error of not sticking the cough drops my husband gave me into the bag. It doesn’t even weigh that much. *sigh* I went to church today after taking two Dayquil liquid caps and for some reason I dozed off here and there. It just kicked in so fast or was I feeling super duper ill? Walking back home, I thought I was going to faint. Dayquil was not supposed to make you sleepy. another *sigh*


9 01 2010

In case someone else feels the same way I do too. This is nature.

Energy: defined as ability to do work (science of physics). Nature tends to lowest possible energy (decay) and highest state of disorder.

Anyhow, I received my barrel yesterday from Mr. Alexis’ Taxi service place. It costs $184EC. Actually it was only $134EC but because I didn’t have the money to pay his staff upfront, I was charged “storage fee”. Hmm… today’s lunch is interesting. Mama noodles with shredded dried pork, vitamin E, two DayQuil liquid gelcaps, and lots of water. Oh boy. I can’t regulate my own body heat in this hot weather and AC cold room. lol

Checking In

8 01 2010

We are not officially checked in, until we check in on campus. If we don’t CHECK IN, we are not registered to take the tests nor able to use the library.

Here are some goats from yesterday.

Print stations. Once I have printed something from my computer, it gets sent to a print queue, and I then go here to release the print jobs. The screen is touch screen. Unbelievable.

Crazy Orientation days

6 01 2010

The lines for opening up bank accounts are long. Heard someone waited for 4 hours. I ran there right after Orientation during breaks and it took about 1.25 hours

Having a yummy starfruit drink. It is so unfortunate to hear that patients with kidney failure cannot have starfruit because it has a neurotoxin that would kill the patient. Here is a summary of several studies: Starfruit Kidney Failure Deaths

I don’t know what others have said, but food at THE SHACKS is yummy.

Was reading on Sorrel. It is high in antioxidants and lowers triglycerides.

Ross Clubs
Crime Blotter Site
Lime Wireless Internet and Mobile Phone Service

At the moment, I am peeking into my USMLE Step I First Aid book. We will be taking our first mini in one month.

We had this huge discussion of PROFESSIONALISM as well. It is very important with facebook to not pose obscene pictures or even pictures poking fun of the work we do that even suggest sexual perversity or things that are not professional. There are really serious consequences for our behavior. So things that may seem funny to us might not really be … to our patients.

Island life before class starts

5 01 2010

This island breathes life. It is so green and palm coconuts stay on the trees because they are so plentiful.

There is absolutely nothing for me to do right now, but walk around, take pictures, and wait. I thought Orientation was at 6 a.m. according to the Ross Orientation schedule. The security guys at Ross U told me the Annex was not open yet. hahaha, how funny. I thought we were on American schedule. The orientation welcome opening begins at 6 p.m., not 6 a.m.!

Listen to the beautiful sounds of the island water.

RUH pool:

Ports Beachmouth Hotel. There is the Black Sand Beach where they filmed parts of “Pirates of the Caribbean”

We also had a trip down the Indian River by row boat. At the end was a bar, also another scenery place for the movie

There are several cows and amazing views from campus.

Also, this is what they call “THE SHACKS”. We get food here for reasonable prices.

You drop off your laptops so IT can reinstall & put in their own version of the Norton antivirus software, configure it and to access the G Drive on campus, and add wireless password. They also give you this clicker.

On Orientation day, it sprinkled a little in the morning. Look at how fancy the umbrella is that Ross U gave us students.

After a long day of orientation and scampering around, there was the BBQ and music.


Flight to Dominica

4 01 2010

So, I have arrived on the island of Dominica.

My American Airline trip to San Juan was very tight. The seats just get smaller and smaller. The big American guy next to me barely had and leg room and his knees hit the chair in front. He made this funny comment that flying on China Airlines was worse because your knees would literally be in your face! lol

This is San Juan, Puerto Rico. It is actually very developed just like in the U.S. (since it is now one of the states also!). Look at the nice airport terminal I was in, they even had Cinnabons but the problem with the Cinnabon was that it was not made correctly so the inside was very mushy.

My bad experience:

The calling card machine took $10 and did not give me a card! This machine is located at Terminal 9, American Airlines and the service center could not give the money back to me. Notice the SOLD OUT light was not lit! Anyhow, I ended up buying $5 calling card number and pin at the convenience shop instead and it works fine. $5 you can talk to 8 hours in one sitting in Puerto Rico. Pretty good.

Then we boarded a smaller jet. Everyone made it sound like the ride would be rocky so I took a Dramamine just in case. However, the plane was very much like the Southwest jets that I took in the past. And the long, winding roads back to Portsmouth here did not make me nauseous because it cannot be any worse than Six Flags Magic Mountain rides! Obviously wasn’t anything that extreme like some of the Ross students commented on.

I know this picture is blurry, but look at how lush and green the island is!

Once we landed, we entered the only terminal there and turned in our pre-filled Immigration forms, waited for our luggage, and went through Customs gate. It was all very easy as long as you don’t bring illicit materials like drugs, alcohol, certain foods, guns and weapons, etc. You had to declare those first if any.

This is Mr. Alexis’ taxi service. He is also the guy who can pick up the barrel (if you so choose) with Tropical Shipping once it gets on the island. His taxi place is across the street from Ross U’s security gate. His brother’s name is Abahdu and they are really nice. This is just one of the vans he uses.

I hopped in the front seat ride with another driver/taxi, Victor Lataille. The van isn’t that old is it? I can’t tell, looks like the year 2000 models or from before that.

Banana and Palm trees all over the island. It is beautiful.

The taxis take everyone back to RUH (Ross University Housing) and we wait forever until the trucks come with the luggages. Some fellow mates brought their children & cute baby. Boxes of cell phones already activated came as well for $20 a piece. The box had everything with charger and headset too.