Beautiful days on the island

21 04 2010

My final is over. At the moment I am reviewing my notes from class and entering them into my USMLE book. Now I can truly reflect on all those repressed feelings of becoming antisocial and losing connection with people because I did it to myself. On the other hand, I verified my sanity by checking in occasionally to hear what they were thinking. I asked one person if I appeared antisocial and he said: “Honestly, you know what you want.”

I suppose.

At this point, I am no longer a child.  Maybe I have matured into someone who’s really cold and focused on the outside yet at the same time be able to say my inner emotional intelligence cannot be understood by all.  For now, it is more important to focus on getting through and continuously changing my outlook on life.

And yes, it gets this beautiful and colorful. The exact color that is captured in these images after several days of hard rain.  I also stare up at coconut trees a lot hoping another one would fall for me to take.

The current story of my life

Some days it just hurts too much none of the creams were helping. Guess what did help? I decided to muster up guts by putting alcohol on the itchy spot. The relief was temporary but it was immediate.

This is a mosquito; dead, upside, and on top of the Genetics book.

Awoke around 4 a.m. twice by two different mosquitoes.. they bit me about 7 times and in very painful areas like fingers and toes.

Demise of the umbrella

21 04 2010

I use an umbrella rain or shine simply because it is sooo hot here in Dominica. At least now, I can understand why people hang dry their clothes in Australia. It gets to 86 degrees in my room at times even with the fan on so I turn on my AC at times.

Anyhow, my cheap little umbrella (Made in China) did not even stand for 5 minutes against the wind here and this is what happened.

Here is the one Ross gave me with the Ross logo on it.

You see rainbows here after it rains…

Do Not Resuscitate

8 04 2010

Was quite disturbed today learning we had simulated death upon a medical error. Not sure if other people were quietly reflecting it also, but I guess we weren’t supposed to do anything b/c the physical form was there.

To me…. it definitely was not natural death. Poor Harvey (simulator patient).

A link on Doctors surveyed on what they would have chosen: