Tropical storms…

26 06 2010

The rain comes and goes as we are now officially in hurricane seaon. It’ was thundering and raining, but lasted no more than half an hour. Basically you can have a storm above you and look across the waters and see bright skies and clear clouds nearby. It is just too interesting.

Here is a link to the video 49 seconds glimpse into the world of rain in Dominica.

mangoes that fall off the trees after the rain

A person peeked into my room.

21 06 2010

I was studying at 4 a.m. and heard rustling noises outside. Upon looking I saw shadows passing by and then just went back the studying, but about 10 seconds later I heard the rustling again and when I looked up I saw what appeared to be a dark object like that of a head peeking in through the window and I was afraid but I followed it with my eyes and cocked my head to the side to get a better look. The head of course disappeared quickly… in fact, it retracted so fast I did not even see a face, but merely a shadow.

I called the security and dialed two of my colleagues. Apparently, at 4 a.m. one did not answer but surprisingly another did and he came walking back from the library fast to check up on me.

I asked him to climb the wooden banister to see if he could see through my window and lo and behold he could! My hopes are that I wasn’t just hallucinating because I was very certain I saw something. In fact, I had heard the rustling noises from outside and saw the shadow passing by the 1st time. My friend even verified by acknowledging that the shadows reflecting off the ceiling beams outside was stationary so in order to see it move someone would have to pass by the lights outside.

When he left, he called to tell me that there were 3 locals walking around outside at 4:40 a.m. so possibly it could have been them as it was strange hours to be “hanging out”.

Either way I taped the windows and remained freaked out for 2 hrs not sleeping. The best thing about this place is it gets bright at about 5:30 a.m. and the birds begin to chirp. I’m taking lots of precautions to prevent becoming a victim. Don’t give them any opportunities and you will be safe.

I posted this on to facebook see if people actually care to respond and to no surprise, no one seems to care or they are so busy looking at the gazillion live feeds that they miss mine ūüė¶ .

Hong Kong restaurant is closed 2 months

20 06 2010

Hmm… now I have not even close to decent and cheap Chinese food around here anymore because they are closed. Granted Brothers Restaurant & Riverside is open, but they don’t even serve their¬† food with steamed rice at the counter near Subway. And Golden Dragons is just too far for me and it costs $30EC before they will deliver.

The owners of the building basically ripped out the whole inside to do a complete remodeling and expansion. I wonder what it will look like later on. ūüôā

I also wanted to share a beautiful image I captured one day while on campus of a beautiful tree I don’t know the name of.

on the same day, I picked up this super cool pad we use here for added security to online banking.  Wow-wies to the National Bank of Dominica.

CALLS Center, Portsmouth Dominica

19 06 2010

It is 3:17 a.m. and I could not sleep tonight.

Many students had the wonderful opportunity to go paint for two hours in return for a positive professionalism card.¬† It’s strange because normally you’d think if you helped out you can earn a letter of recommendation easily. However, I recently learned that it is more difficult to try to get even a short letter from one particular club president, speak alone, try to obtain a letter of reference… Putting all the hard feelings aside, I really enjoy taking the short ride out to this area because it takes no longer than 5 minutes to get there by bus.¬† In the states, everything is relatively far.¬† If you want to help, you have to travel the distance to get there.

Painting this old dilapidated building reminds me of how poor we used to live.  It is endearing to know that this building does multiple projects e.g. Day Care, Alcoholics Anonymous , Care for the Elderly, and more. It also hurts just as much to see the condition it was in before. I took several pictures of baby cribs and the toy bin is a nice concept, but the toys must be really filthy thrown together like that.

Either way, the inside was mostly pink, yellow, and baby blue. The outside obviously white with the dirt color primer around the edges and steps.

At the end of my shift, I of course chased the chickens and baby chicks and bought some coconut juice.¬† The locals use a machete “a big knife” to chop the coconuts open.

Oh, superficial cervical lymph node how I thank thee

10 06 2010

And so I asked a friend if he knew which lymph node was on the side of my neck bc it was swollen big time.  Today, I am thankful for the l.n. bc it helped me get rid of the pimple that grew on top of my head for MINI 1 and now the l.n. itself is not swelling anymore.

So grand how the body works…

On top of this note, I want to say that I am so fortunate considering how much I complained about this and that when compared to another colleague. He definitely got it worse when he sliced the tendon in his own pinky finger trying to open a can. Basically the doctors did not put it back together, just bandaged his pinky and its tendon inside a cast.

He’s doing ok today and he didn’t have to take the exam. His pinky finger is finally released and here it is peaking out at the world like 5 days later! holy macaroni!¬† At this point, he cannot move his finger and worries if they were able to put the tendon back together ~5 days after the accident. In America, this would not have happened. He was untreated for too long.

And … I vow to eat less & healthier and this is what I had for lunch. Honestly, I miss mangos from Mexico and from the Philippines more. At night I drank this yummy chrysanthemum flower tea to cool off my system also.

The calm after the storm‚Ķ

8 06 2010

Chilling and studying again now. enjoy

The rough tides of 2nd semester, Post MINI I

7 06 2010

Current story of my student life. By the way, this is not the best way to study for Anatomy here.  Doing more practice questions help.

I quite enjoyed learning things based on the system’s approach.¬† So far it has been alright, but we always seem to hit a rock in our school schedules. On Friday we always have a Clinical Application case and for those unfortunate ones Problem Based Learning as well. All this can take place before a Neuro Lab Practical.

Basically, second semester is adding on one more class and additional coursework. A lot of self-studying occurred for Anatomy as well. In fact, we spent 2.5 hrs on Wednesday dissecting the Infratemporal Fossa (the sides of the face) and I walked out of there so unenthusiastic and defeated. The TAs and instructors were so busy sawing at the jawbone and the zygomatic arch of the face that they had little time to check in on us to guide us through the arteries, nerves, and veins. It was a mess what we saw and the only thing I left with was knowing where some of the muscles of mastications went + an inferior alveolar nerve.

So here I am sitting with an atlas and learning what I can.

Also, the Beach Bash was today after the exam.  SGA (student government) did an excellent job this semester. I even got a t-shirt without having to stand in line!  The only problem was some students still had to attend class & lab even after the exam.  Speaking of which, I need to adjust to taking tests at 8 a.m. unlike like semester we could take it at 1 p.m., giving a bit more time to study last minute details. Every day I have been going on deranged sleep schedule: sometimes 4 hrs, sometimes 9 and for the exam 2 hrs.

I feel so apathetic at the moment, don’t even know what I want to post about. Here’s one day when¬† I got excited about Avocado sauce only to find out later on that is was spicy! & meant for enchiladas.