Hurricane coming & strange semester

29 08 2010

In the last two days, there were lots of dead ants with wings all over… swarming around whereever there were light bulbs available. I’ve never seen this many bugs before. Two days ago it was extremely humid & sticky. It was definitely a sign that lots of rain is going to come this way.

Here is a hurricane tracker:

Not sure what to expect since we’re officially in Hurricane season now.  Expecting worse rains in October and November.

This semester is beginning strangely. The incoming class nearly lost a student as they went on their private tours. What a bright thing to do. They finally found him today after searching all night and resuming their search at 5 a.m. this morning. He is “unharmed”.

And yesterday, we got this email offer to take a voluntary leave of absence. I suppose our class size is still too big. Like Captain Janeway would say on Startrek: “Brace for impact”. I’m getting ready for a difficult semester making sure to not fall into the 50% that will fail Mini 1 for Pharmacology. And to not be in the 60% that can’t passs their COMP exam on first try.

Must study harder.


[edit 6:04 Sept 3, 2010]

The water had ripped up the boards on the pier, but the tides aren’t so bad.  And another picture of the water prepared in this balloon-like pouch to hold in case we needed it.

6 a.m. Portsmouth market

28 08 2010

It was incredible. Here’s what we lugged back from the market.  Apologies for a picture that doesn’t give the market justice. It’s just that I took pictures of an egg truck and the local was trying to charge money for taking pictures. Basically, I know I’m a tourist and he’s money hungry, but he ruined the fun by demanding money. Ok, next time I’ll ask.

Surgarcanes $2 EC
Giant avocado $5 EC
12 bananas $3 EC
3 sweetsops $2 EC
a bag of coc’ some kind of sour fruit $2 EC
one bread $3 EC
2 coconuts (unshown) $2.50 EC


And this is just a random post from ways before. Pictures of the stray doggies here. Of course the brown-red dog is among the cutest. His right paw is held up because he hurt himself chasing and barking at cars.

Welcome to the Dog Lounge. Lazy #1, Lazy #2, and Lazy #3. What a life to live…

Cutie red-brown doggy.

Dead crabs are all over.

Why we’re not good at coping with stress now?

24 08 2010

Figure 2. “Stress-diathesis model” of depression.

The MPS for the classes this semester

Biochem: 60
Neuro: 62
Anatomy: 62
Histology: 62
DPS: 60
Physiology: 61

Since I came back from the dead for Neuroanatomy, I learned my lesson: to not underestimate its difficulty.  It was a hard class because they tested anything that was verbal and even not taught directly. You have to think a little bit to derive the answer.

What the above model says is that if you were subjected to early life trauma, you would be more vulnerable to depression during later life.  What I think is we have to work even harder to create those long-term potentiation signals in order to retain any new learned information now. Medical school during later years is definitely more challening.