27 09 2010

This semester we have to dress up a lot to attend ICM / Behavioral Labs to interview. Just last week, a colleague and I both volunteered for the same day to go interview. It was super duper awkward because first I thought someone said her hand went up first even though mine was raised higher and fast too. lol

yeah… well, I thought she really wanted to go first and she thought the same of me. I felt really bad after but what can I do now? I appeared like “badass” after that.

the past is past … and today’s interview was really awkward as our patient could hardly provide information to us. We’re not sure if she’s even there 100% of the time and we don’t understand what she is mumbling or saying often.  And the conversation that came after that got everyone excited and speaking simultaneously. Anyhow, I know I was super eager, but at the same time I also felt so rude that our patient was old, tired… and here are 11 medical students yapping away. Hopefully, next time I’ll keep my mouth shut and learn better when to speak.

The highlight of today’s interview was: “Did you say you put salt in your diet coke?”

On a good note, Microbio and Path today was light. So I looked up a word and came across this webpage. It’s a science page, yet looks more like a gamer’s page. http://www.ccmtutorials.com/infection/sepsis/page3.htm

Time to study now.

3rd semester

23 09 2010

4 classes as opposed to 6 classes in semester 2. Yet, I feel beat down from this week.  There are some professors who have really strong accents and so I cannot hear them at 2x speed and even when slowing them down I still can’t hear what drugs they are talking about. Please write them?

Basically my one hour class is taking almost 3 hours sometimes to get through, as I have to take frequent in-between breaks in order to persist.  There’s some classes you have to listen to them because it is not like college where you can just read the book and ace the test. *sigh*

Another exciting video

21 09 2010

It’s about Clonal selection of antibodies during fight of infection. Just when I thought Microbio was going to be a drab, this cheers me up.

Hurricane Earl’s progress in Dominica

16 09 2010

Surpringly we are not affected much by the hurricane besides the tides hitting inwards harder.  This is what the path looks like . wherever you see orange is the Hurricane in Category 4 with winds up to 135 mph. We’re probably just feeling winds in 35 mph if you are in light blue area. Good thing so far we aren’t even in the path of this hurricane.

Plant sprouts in man’s lungs

12 09 2010

This is pretty interesting yet not uncommon finding.


Health Systems

8 09 2010

I really enjoy these topics on health care. Hmm… hopefully, students have changed their views on how the health care system should change. It’s not about trying to cover everybody, but making a change in a multifactorial system that is leading to skyrocketing costs.

Even though the professor doesn’t explicitly state his political views on this system, I can feel where he is getting at. The general public needs to be more educated about their health.

Dengue fever

6 09 2010

The mosquito net went up in my room as last time the cleaning lady opened the door and allowed 6 mosquitoes to fly inside. Ultimately, the goal is to smash them with my rolled-up notes from Biochemistry before hitting the bed, but often times I’ll miss 1-2 secretly hiding someplace.

So far no signs of Dengue fever for me, it’s just that the mosquito stings suck when they keep getting fingers and toes.

Here is a link to an article written by a journalist. I always have a thing for journalists as they are so well-versed.

Fruit seeking behavior …

2 09 2010

This is what happens after getting tired of eating the same food.

Papaya $3 EC
Mangosteen $3 EC for 3
Purple sweetsop $3 EC