It’s official.. we’re in Hurricane category 1

30 10 2010

Hurricane tracker

The winds are about 39+ mph

Hurricane Tomas warning today

30 10 2010

This is a tropical storm not yet a Category 1, but wind speeds will be high as it moves towards us … The map I post is as of 11 a.m. today in Dominica. EST

Hurricane  tracker:

Subject: Tropical Storm Tomas – Warning for Dominica
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Good morning Students, Faculty & Staff,

Tropical Storm Conditions are expected over Dominica within 12hrs.

According to the Dominica meteorological services, we are expecting to get storm force winds and periodic gusts up to hurricane force.

Tropical Storm Warnings remain in effect for Dominica.

Storm surge could produce localized coastal flooding.  The surge will be accompanied by large and potentially destructive waves of up to 10 feet.

Please be careful for landslides, mudslides and rockslides.  Do not venture out at sea.  Stay away from the sea and rivers.  This is not the time for sight seeing.  Remain in doors until it is safe to venture outside.

Your Hurricane Watch Team”

just random

22 10 2010

can’t believe I’m trying to get thru my 8 hr lectures today and I can smell the shell of lobster just 15 feet away. wow, I’m such a piggie. ok back to studying Micro & Pharm.

A knack for microscopic images

21 10 2010

It looks so pretty except it’s HeLa cells dividing… immortal cancer cells, that is.


Also today I heard for the first time in my life about rice poisoning . From not storing rice properly and reheating it to eat can have the bacteria called Bacillus cereus.

Hurler’s Syndrome

15 10 2010

On our last exam, this was covered very much in detail and I felt as though I didn’t understand it … when I searched up the syndrome, I found the familiar face of the baby (who has passed away) . Her name was Alyssa Louden.

I promise not to miss that question about which enzyme was deficient: alpha-L-uronidase deficiency. But I really promised to understand this problem better by reading about children with this and I found her.

Here is the link:

Radon exposure and vinyl chloride?

14 10 2010

This is a map of zones with more radon exposure than others. Who would actually consider radon exposure as a cause for lung cancer when in fact I see so much pollution in the city I lived in? Also, …. there are still so many people smoking.

Vinyl chloride in plastics. Once, I heard about it before but how much plastics do you need to be exposed to before it becomes damaging? These are questions that are left unanswered.


14 10 2010

I got my hair cut two days ago. It was such a journey as the one barbershop/salon down by Tina’s is always busy for some reason. And there wasn’t a lot of barbershops around much unlike home where you can find one almost in every block.  It’s a bit challenging to find a barber or hairdresser here with skills comparable to home. Of course, expected.  What I learned also was that the barbers will refuse to cut your hair especially if you’re a woman because he would need the husband/boyfriend’s approval first before that is possible. I heard that the men here were difficult and that one time a local man tried to give the barber/hairdresser a really hard time because they cut his wife’s hair.

Other than that Benje’s does a pretty decent cut for men despite what some people blogged about being cautious for they don’t sanitize their equipment here. If you’re worried about this then don’t get your hair cut here.