My Christmas gift

25 12 2010

I’m testing out this new application for the iphone. Just yesterday I was giggling about this application, but it just couldn’t come at a better time. I am so grateful for this gift from someone who understands. This morning I found 5 mosquitoes dead on the floor. Did it have anything to do with this or is it due to the hot stinky air in the room? We’ll find out soon…..

There should be a music icon at the bottom left corner also (left out).


Happy Holidays!

24 12 2010

Christmas on this island is a bit quiet.  Everyone is home enjoying the comforts with family, love ones, and food. All I wish for Christmas this year is for everyone to be healthy and filled with joy and happiness. As for myself the only things I am hoping for this year is that there is no fingernail in my food, that the food not be burnt, the spaghetti not be soggy, and definitely no bugs in the rice. Oh, and one more thing no mosquito bites on the fingers where it hurts most.

Another year is almost over and we can only celebrate the gift that God gave us.

Merry Christmas. 🙂

Chaga’s Disease the “kissing” bug

9 12 2010

Supposed to be studying for finals. I guess dedicating a page to this bug doesn’t hurt.  This is the Reduvii bug or the “kissing” bug.  The one that poops as it is biting you at the same time!

Obviously, it doesn’t look all that friendly to kiss either. The name comes from the fact that the bug kisses sucking up your blood (it also has a cone-shaped nose). Just wanted to dedicate a section to this bug because not only does it cause heart damage by enlarging your heart could cause deadly or fatal heart arrhythmias.

How does it get in?

This is the most interesting part. It is a bug that defecates (poops) as it bites. So when you scratch, the Trypanosoma cruzi bug goes into your the bite site and causes damage.

From the Journal of Young Investigators on Chaga’s
Always go to the CDC website as well for help & more info

Doctor quotes begins

7 12 2010

Doctor (to Paris and Torres): “I’m detecting elevated hormonal levels. If you two don’t take it easy, I’ll have to declare a medical emergency.”

Star Trek Voyager “Revulsion”


And this is how I feel approaching Mini 3 and Final .

Exam Mini 3 on Wednesday

4 12 2010

I’ve dedicating 1.5 days for Pathology and half a day for Micro … maybe a little more if I could squeeze it in later. I need 2 days to memorize Pharm. Keeping my fingers crossed it all works out.

This neck pain is also getting in the way sometimes.

Time is flying now …