My first clinical “rotation”

27 01 2011

Today, I was shuttled along with some 40+ students over to Princess Margaret Hospital in Roseau to get our first clinical rotation experience.  I watched other students tentatively and realized how much I needed a huge grannie handbag so I could put all my things in. Also, walking in the mud here is awful I could barely get them off my shoes.

The trip took an hour thru the winding roads and I didn’t feel so nauseated on the way over because we were in a big shuttle bus. Once we unloaded everyone sat in a classroom and were divided to go with their preceptors.

I listened eagerly as we were called into groups: Pathology, OR/Surgery both groups go change into scrubs.

Geriatrics / Family

and I left before I heard the others. There was post-op as well

For some reason I was excited to be placed in my field while some other students looked disappointed because they were hoping for some other field to rotate in.  Being placed in Geriatrics today just means that it would be a pretty pleasant, slow day until lunch time ….

I enjoyed it. Saw things for the first time in my life and learned a lot I wouldn’t have been able to from just textbooks and class notes. Now, I can actually go around and be able to tell what an ape hand looks like. I know what cerebral palsy looks like in real life and characteristic scissoring legs and neck deformity.  I heard my first Grade 3 murmur of mitral regurge also. I know what stroke looks like in the aftermath. And Peripheral neuropathy isn’t always Diabetes related, it could be a stroke.

I feel enthralled to being one step closer to becoming a real doctor.


Since this post is silly and short, here’s food from HOPE restaurant . They have been giving us fresh hot soymilk made on the spot.

Curry fried rice

Beef with vegetables.

My favorite by far is Beef vegetables with  tofu is also really good it’s not on the menu but you can ask for it.  Hope has awesome chicken and fish burgers also, but they don’t  put ketchup in so you have to ask them for it.


21 01 2011

I threw up tonight and it made me feel better. Not sure if it was related to the RCF cookout or if I had taken an iron supplement pill that didn’t agree with my body.  Either way, it made me feel extremely nauseas and I just laid there thinking about how ill cancer patients must feel.  I can truly empathize now. It is a feeling no one wants to be in.

One more thing, if you don’t need iron you could overload from it. There is a case someone died just one week later from overdosing & feeling all the symptoms related.  Maybe the dose my sister bought for me is too high?

Walking to school

19 01 2011


And this morning I have to study Micro again.

Isn’t this a friendly face?

It’s a hookworm called Ancylostoma duodenale. A parasitic nematode worm.

Who would want this thing in their small intestine of their capillary beds sucking out their blood & nutrition?

Green and Black’s Organic and other products

14 01 2011

Both are made in England. Costed by 7EC each, which seems expensive for a piece of chocolate, but I had to try it.

Actually, they didn’t look quite that appetizing, but the taste was just “eh, ok”. The left one is dark chocolate & the right one is white chocolate which tasted like condensed milk when it melts in your mouth.

Palmolive-Colgate Company

There is an industry here and factory that produces these types of products. Surprisingly, they make different bar soaps that smell really good.  Others that I’ve tried were Fruits & cream soap or some kind of citrus smelling one. They also have a soap bar very close to Zest here as well.


You can get really creative with soap bars.

Go Ahead biscuits

biscuits from the UK. Orange & Sultana, Apples & Sultana, and mixed fruit . Sultana is another name for grapes. The inside is like dried jelly caked onto really crispy, thin wafers. I’m surprised the island has this product. They are available at the grocery store behind Hong Kong’s or the courtyard cafe place.  ~$7EC each pack and they are really tasty.

This post ends with the amazing size of the avocados here on the island.

And Where is Ross sending us next?

The two places that we’re most likely heading to is infested.   They are also on the list of the biggest infested areas.

Hair in the next 10 years

7 01 2011

Yahoo video

It’s exciting new discovery in which bald headedness have the same amount of stem cells and only that the working cells need to be stimulated to produce hair.

Monosodium Glutamate / MSG – Autism?

6 01 2011

Better known as excitotoxins that messes with the brain, thyroid gland, pancreas glutamate receptors, and others.

Did you know this stuff is in baby food??

This affects pregnant mothers and babies even in the womb, makes Autism worse, affects ADHD, hyperactivity, and crashing.  What does MSG do? It makes you want to eat, could make you obese & even make you stupid. It makes symptoms worse for patients with heart disease, could lead to Diabetes, or even cancer.

Have you had food that makes you super thirsty afterwards and make you really sleepy? What about migraines or headaches? Could be MSG in your food.

MSG is hidden in other names or forms as well:

  • Monosodium glutamate
  • Glutamate
  • Aspartame
  • Autolyzed yeast
  • Broth
  • Caseinate
  • Hydrolyzed proteins or hydrolyzed soy

There is 5 videos total on documentation of the effects of MSG.

Part 1

Part 2a

Part 2b

Part 3

Part 4


What are the chances this is a cause for Autism?

Please don’t feed your children so much MSG. There’s MSG in many food products in chips, snacks, canned soups, salad dressings, and more.  Here’s another one that could be related to Autism: Nutri-sweet (Aspartame). So you really think drinking a large Diet Coke will help you go on a diet? Not really …

What about drinking diet coke when you’re pregnant? or using artificial sweeteners?

This crosses the placenta and could cause Phenylketonuria (PKU) in babies. Since you might not know what this term means, it’s not just an autosomal recessive genetic disorder.

Here when you wish you were somewhere else …

3 01 2011

It’s been raining a lot these past few days. The rain just makes this place no fun sometimes. There is something about here. All the air conditioning is turned off in the library, lounges and our only designated study classroom space is being cleaned today. We were greeted by a mad-faced cleaning lady who basically gave us the “whatever, we’re cleaning” attitude and “get out” in one of the classrooms.

Whatever happens here don’t let anyone pull you down. You don’t want your heart to shut down before your career is completed.