Which bite is worse: human, dog, or cat?

28 05 2011

http://www.abc.net.au/science/articles/2008/09/10/2360705.htm. The answer is human’s.

I began my clinical rotations last week, but could not write about experiences as we were preparing for the NBME or COMP exam. Either way, there isn’t much to write about except that it will take some time getting used to standing 8+ hrs daily & missing lunch.

This is what our classroom looks like. It’s basically a huge auditorium at the Hyatt hotel that can hold all 296 or something of us students in Miami. We have no internet & no electrical outlets here to plug our laptops in. Parking costs $10 each time you drop in.

The PAP Smear experience.

I had an awfully interesting experience with the healthcare system here.  The clinic I went to today did not have as much customers as the place I am rotating at. I could see why as the receptionist was outside drinking a Monster & smoking. He ran inside as soon as he saw clients coming. The young nurse was even worse, no expressions or warmth. In fact, it seemed as though she was annoyed by patient questions. The doctor is another story ! I had to do a very personal examination today and she had the door opened while talking to me and I was only in a gown.

At first, the doctor sounded nervous & she couldn’t figure out which Pap smear kit to use explaining to me it would be awful if I had to come back and do it twice. In the meantime, I could see the nurse just outside the peek of the door with… a book?!

She came into the room looking up something. How comfortable and trusting do you think a patient can be after seeing all this? Anyhow, the procedure hurted and we weren’t offered a mirror to see what was going on. There weren’t any napkins or sanitary pads offered in the aftermath for cleaning up so I had to ask for it myself.

Hmm… U.S. needs retraining!

The Pharmacy experience

I went to Walgreens to get my prescription filled. I vow to not go there again unless necessary. Which pharmacy has the 15 minutes and out offer? I’d like to go there next time. The reason was because the Pharm tech did a horrible job servicing just 3 people today. He told me it would take about 10-15 minutes, I ended up waiting 45 minutes! The problem was he talked too much & couldn’t do things right. He filled a guy’s expensive prescription without telling the customer his 30 ml meds were on backorder and they didn’t have any, so the tech went ahead and filled it for 10ml. The customer said that was a “waste of his time and money because he can’t use it”.

The tech filled my prescription with another brand also without letting me know he didn’t have the one I wanted, even though technically it was the same generic  drug. It would have been courteous nonetheless to notify the customers before filling it.

Miami news :(

6 05 2011



Stories like this makes you want to stay in Dominica. People walked around with machetes over there but it isn’t even half dangerous as it is in America. USA? Why?

Asparagus garlic & lemon

5 05 2011

Please excuse me for posting food stories occasionally. I want to be a role model & try to inspire my sister to eat healthier.

I have a whole tray of asparagus I need to use up by myself. It is also so cheap! Only $1.95. Usually I sprinkle some salt & pepper with olive oil & roast them, but I don’t have olive oil! Will leave out the olive oil & use something else & no cheese. Olive oil when heated doesn’t splatter us much as canola, so if you’re using other oils, put a lid on it & put medium heat.

The bottom part is tough to eat, so use a peeler to peel the lower stem away & cut off the bottom.


Plated with some steak beef & I ate it with some pickled bamboo shoots in chili oil to give more flavor. The crunchiness of the garlic fried & hint of lemon juice is irresistible.  Bon appetit  🙂

I also can’t believe we have rice cookers that are so cheap & so reliable. It’s ~ $20.00 [edit: it broke after 2nd time using doh!]



5 05 2011

Life’s antioxidants. I’m so happy to be back in the U.S. 2 boxes of bluberries costed ~$5.00-7.00

This here is only 1/3 of a box washed. This is so much better than snacking on junk.

Craving green veggies

4 05 2011

I’ve been craving vegetables ever since I was in Dominica. The ones that I do get there are usually eaten by bugs & the restaurant owners still use them. Namely Golden Dragon. It’s nice they have veggies but never have I seen good vegetables without holes in them.

This is wheat Mama brand noodles. Tasteless… but healthy?

How it rains in Miami when it rains.

Welcome to Miami!

2 05 2011

Goodbye Dominica

Before I start, I have to say Hope Restaurant in Dominica treated their consumers to really good quality shrimp during our last 2 weeks of school. The only thing was they added too much ground black peppers.

I still can’t believe I made it. Usually around mini 3 and finals, I’d lose energy and feel so tired that it always feel as though I’d fail the final exam. Just a quick flashback: one week flew after another. The last thing I remembered was going thru ICM exam in which I walked thru several rooms confident that I was able to perform clinical examinations until I hit the scenario room. The scenario room left me wondering how many pts I actually earned because I remembered the last thing on my mind was having to explain why I picked a wrong option causing me to lose almost 15-30 seconds of my time. Then I had to do a liver span check and all I could remember was the patient put one of his fingers to help me locate the top span and my other finger was on the lower margin, I froze:

Oh crap, where is my ruler? It’s over on the preceptor’s desk. “ I froze again with my finger still on the lower liver span: “Oh no! He doesn’t have his other hand to help me hold the spot.” So although I had the liver span, I didn’t report it because my mind was still concerned that I didn’t have an accessible ruler & the patient’s hand was missing.

At least I answered the bonus question at the end.

Mini 3 came slamming 2 weeks after and cumulative final 1 week after.  One can only imagine how happy we are to make it this far.

Puerto Rico

At the airport, I asked my fiance if he would get mad if I don’t go thru the backscanners. Surprisingly, he supported my decision. I OPTED OUT! The staff at Puerto Rico was very polite and explained what they were going to do. So, I guess it isn’t the process that was intimidating nor is it just TSA, but it really depends on the individual. If you get a badass staff vs. a courteous one it makes a world of a difference in your experience altogether.

I suppose it was very easy because I already had an idea of the sequence of events that would happen and because everyone else went thru the naked scanners.

The only reason why I opted out was because I didn’t want any more radiation concentrating on my face. Having melasma run in the family does not help.

The coolest part of Puerto Rico was the Police Bugle dog that went around sniffing luggages for drugs and things. It was awesome and was the cutest dog I’ve seen for a while. So useful.


Onto a new post.  We made it! Another journey begins and I feel ecstatic so many changes are happening. Friends getting married, being back home eating American food and smelling nice again. For the next 6 months Miami will be home.

If you look carefully around you in Miami, you will notice a lot of cars have dents in them.  The rental car people told us there are lots of Cuban drivers around here so we can’t really be careful & increasing insurance is a good idea. There are hardly any asian groceries around town, but I did find 2 of them so far.

Customer service here is great and people are nicer than in Los Angeles in general.  Spanish speakers are almost everywhere.


It is mostly sunny but when the rain clouds come over, it pours down really hard. We are also entering hurricane season from June-November.  I better buy another umbrella.

I also thought I could escape the mosquitoes, we have them here also (but not as many as in Dominica). And a lizard came into our home today. We just can’t leave the mosquitoes, lizards, and rain behind.  (O.o)

I am counting down in less than 24 days will have to take the COMP exam.  Back to studying I go.

Freecell game status: 172 out of 1 million complete.