Asparagus garlic & lemon

5 05 2011

Please excuse me for posting food stories occasionally. I want to be a role model & try to inspire my sister to eat healthier.

I have a whole tray of asparagus I need to use up by myself. It is also so cheap! Only $1.95. Usually I sprinkle some salt & pepper with olive oil & roast them, but I don’t have olive oil! Will leave out the olive oil & use something else & no cheese. Olive oil when heated doesn’t splatter us much as canola, so if you’re using other oils, put a lid on it & put medium heat.

The bottom part is tough to eat, so use a peeler to peel the lower stem away & cut off the bottom.

Plated with some steak beef & I ate it with some pickled bamboo shoots in chili oil to give more flavor. The crunchiness of the garlic fried & hint of lemon juice is irresistible.  Bon appetit  🙂

I also can’t believe we have rice cookers that are so cheap & so reliable. It’s ~ $20.00 [edit: it broke after 2nd time using doh!]


5 05 2011

Life’s antioxidants. I’m so happy to be back in the U.S. 2 boxes of bluberries costed ~$5.00-7.00

This here is only 1/3 of a box washed. This is so much better than snacking on junk.