Which bite is worse: human, dog, or cat?

28 05 2011

http://www.abc.net.au/science/articles/2008/09/10/2360705.htm. The answer is human’s.

I began my clinical rotations last week, but could not write about experiences as we were preparing for the NBME or COMP exam. Either way, there isn’t much to write about except that it will take some time getting used to standing 8+ hrs daily & missing lunch.

This is what our classroom looks like. It’s basically a huge auditorium at the Hyatt hotel that can hold all 296 or something of us students in Miami. We have no internet & no electrical outlets here to plug our laptops in. Parking costs $10 each time you drop in.

The PAP Smear experience.

I had an awfully interesting experience with the healthcare system here.  The clinic I went to today did not have as much customers as the place I am rotating at. I could see why as the receptionist was outside drinking a Monster & smoking. He ran inside as soon as he saw clients coming. The young nurse was even worse, no expressions or warmth. In fact, it seemed as though she was annoyed by patient questions. The doctor is another story ! I had to do a very personal examination today and she had the door opened while talking to me and I was only in a gown.

At first, the doctor sounded nervous & she couldn’t figure out which Pap smear kit to use explaining to me it would be awful if I had to come back and do it twice. In the meantime, I could see the nurse just outside the peek of the door with… a book?!

She came into the room looking up something. How comfortable and trusting do you think a patient can be after seeing all this? Anyhow, the procedure hurted and we weren’t offered a mirror to see what was going on. There weren’t any napkins or sanitary pads offered in the aftermath for cleaning up so I had to ask for it myself.

Hmm… U.S. needs retraining!

The Pharmacy experience

I went to Walgreens to get my prescription filled. I vow to not go there again unless necessary. Which pharmacy has the 15 minutes and out offer? I’d like to go there next time. The reason was because the Pharm tech did a horrible job servicing just 3 people today. He told me it would take about 10-15 minutes, I ended up waiting 45 minutes! The problem was he talked too much & couldn’t do things right. He filled a guy’s expensive prescription without telling the customer his 30 ml meds were on backorder and they didn’t have any, so the tech went ahead and filled it for 10ml. The customer said that was a “waste of his time and money because he can’t use it”.

The tech filled my prescription with another brand also without letting me know he didn’t have the one I wanted, even though technically it was the same generic¬† drug. It would have been courteous nonetheless to notify the customers before filling it.