1st time in the Operating Room

30 06 2011

Sometimes I feel we got really lucky to have the opportunity to watch. The OR is like an operating theatre with music, the interactions of all the people in it and the patient who lays quietly on the table knocked out with general anesthesia.

This 1st case took almost 4 hrs long. My knees nearly buckled & the nerve in the pelvic bone did not agree with my standing.  The procedure to remove the deviated vomer bone was gross at the beginning due to chipping and hammering, but not as much as the product found in the back where the sphenoid process lay. The extracted infected material from chronic allergic rhinitus. It was almost the size of my pinky & about 2 inches long each. 2 of those were removed, they were green, fungal infected, crumbles like old cheese. The yellow infected pieces come out in 1 piece much easier.

Not sure how many times the doc went between probe, micro debridement equipment, and all the tools in the special ENT endoscopy box to remove it.

about nasal polyps.

2nd case was just going in for 1.5 hrs to dilate a congested submandibular duct, to look for a stone. I had no idea they had so many #s and sizes tools just to get the duct to become bigger & bigger.

3rd case was a partial vocal cord paralysis, this one took no more than 15 min to prep & 15 min to complete. I think the doc injected something into on of the cords to move it medially to help the pt get some voice back.

$250 just to say hi

13 06 2011

That’s almost how much my 2nd taste of coffee costed this semester today. I went to see an OBGYN today and forked out $250 from my pocket, which exactly covers the insurance deductible. From now on, everything is paid for  by the insurance up to $5,000.

$250 just to see the doctor’s face and get a cotton swab of material for culture. So easy for the doctor & so painful for the patient’s wallet and time. I felt like I didn’t get much out of the meeting to day.  Satisfaction on scale of 0 to 10… let’s say it was a 2. 😦

The truth has to be told. This is what I believe happens b/c of insurance. When I didn’t have insurance before I could call around & shop for doctors letting them know I don’t have insurance. Their office visit costs are no more than $45/visit out-of-pocket. Even my chest x-ray before costs less than what it would if I had to pay via insurance. I can only imagine the dangers & horrors once Universal Care begins to take full effect.

“in the patient’s shoes.”


[Edit: January 11, 2012]

Through experience we learn. Since this blog is really meant for me and I get no feedback, I learn it on my own. $250 is typical to see a specialist. Some places are cheaper if you do shop around about $120 or so just for consultation. Obviously, if you do a bit extra e.g. get culture specimen it costs more. With insurance, the cost is lowered only a bit, you must still pay a certain amount to meet your deductible. But yes, even with health insurance doctor fees are really high. They have to pay extra help nurses, costs of leasing the building, legal fees and insurance. This is a tough on everyone.

“A pile of … “

12 06 2011

And fill in the blanks.

This is how I feel to be a student in this field right now.  Having to miss your friends’ weddings and the births of their children  😦 Postponing your own arrangements until the perfect timing. Maybe there isn’t a perfect timing. Maybe the best time is NOW.

I congratulate everyone of you and truly feel happy for you all. Forgive me for not being able to attend any of these events.

Life goes on and I am missing it.