Something embarassing…health insurance.

20 10 2011

I ran out of the doctor’s office today after waiting around an hour.  It’s a good thing about having second thoughts because I soon found out that my policy period was over and am starting a new period. That means I have to meet the deductible all over again before the insurance kicks in to cover the rest up to $5,000. The deductible last period was $250.00 just went up and is now $500.00

Why Obamacare, why? Instead of making healthcare more affordable for me, I now have to fork out additional money (which I don’t have) to pay the health insurance fees every semester on top of that take figure out a way to dish out $500 before insurance covers anything and then another $100 deductible on drugs prescriptions. $600 yearly …. on top of the $366 I pay every semester x3 = $1698 per year I have to pitch out.

If I consider myself unhealthy then insurance makes perfect sense. If you are a healthy med student you feel you can better figure out how to go to the doctor without spending any more than necessary. However, student health  insurance is a requirement that I cannot escape.

Yes, I feel embarassed but the next few days I will shop for doctors that have cheaper out-of-pocket fees that are still within network since I may not afford to live the next few months if I don’t budget carefully. It’s a good decision. I won’t allow my embarassment to take over my budget-wise conscience. I don’t buy phone plan b/c I can’t afford it either. Saving as much as possible.

Motivation to study

19 10 2011

I’m home!

My father used to close his door when he went to bed. However, due to his health condition he’s been sleeping with the door open. Once in the morning if I happened to pass by, I would peek in just to hear him snoring. That’s so I know he’s still alive. I’ve been away for two years. I looked at his meds and realize that some have expired and the plastic vials are just sitting there. Expired PhosLo?? Hmm …

Before that I was sort of lazy and didn’t study hard enough. Sub-par studying doesn’t do me any good!

The home is in such a mess. It’s almost uninhabitable, but as soon as my mom saw me, she started getting excited and cleaned & vacuumed. This is definitely not in any condition for a healthy person to live in. Sometimes I wonder how people can let go of everything and be so unenthusiastic about their home. Seriously though, this place is a hot mess! It looks like a shelter more than a home. In fact, it is worse looking than a shelter.

On the bright side, it is peaceful here. I promise I’ll make it … time to study.

Hopeless labor?

14 10 2011

“Sisyphus was a cruel king of Corinth who, according to Greek mythology, was condemned for eternity to roll a boulder up a hill only to have it roll down again just before it reached the top. ”

At times while studying at Ross, this is how we feel.  Sometimes you wonder how it is possible that we can roll a boulder up the hill only for it to roll back down again.  It’s definitely going to take a lot of work and determination to get past this.

No arms, no legs? No worries.

11 10 2011

Inspiration from Nick Vijucic.

Pregnancy thirst

7 10 2011

During pregnancy we feel more thirsty because the body resets the osmotat to decrease regular osmolarity of 280-300 mOsm. Volume (water) for both mom and baby becomes more important than osmoregulation.

Gestational Diabetes

6 10 2011

Filtered load = GFR x Px

During pregnancy, there is increased in proteins, increased in Glomerular Filtrate Rate (GFR) in the kidneys and hence increased in Filtration load. This overloads the proximal tubule of the kidneys and so we see glucose in the urine. The question is how much glucose is right and how much is too much for a pregnant woman?

Human chorionic somatomammotropin (hCS) or hPL (human placental lactogen) could this be the culprit?

hPL is secreted by the syncytial trophoblasts from early pregnancy into maternal circulation. This increase in hPL provides glucose to the baby at the expense of the mother. hPL increases as mother’s glucose levels decrease.  hPL stimulates mom’s IGF-1 and could cause insulin resistance and carbohydrates intolerance. While the mom mobilizes free fatty acids, glucose, amino acids, and fatty acids are moved into the fetus to provide nutrition.  hPL could be the cause for insulin resistance in the second half of pregnancy. Playing a key role in increasing insulin production from islet cells,  causing amino acids to decrease while increasing triglycerides, free fatty acids, and cholesterol could further cause insulin resistance. (info from Kaplan review).

I read somewhere that postpartum this could go away for some. Maybe if they work on their diet and get back into healthy BMI range? There’s this concern that the mother would have future diabetes and the baby would be large.  If that is the case, should we monitor the size of the baby?

Birthday cake randoms:

80% of expiratory volume is used to blow out birthday candles in the 1st second. The rest is distinguished by water coming from spit …


6 10 2011

Proverbs 24:10
“Saying 25 If you falter in a time of trouble, how small is your strength!”

Pray for strength and wisdom to get you through all difficulties. I know no one would have known the types of challenges I’ll have to deal with (as if anyone cares). But in order to be strong, we ask not for assistance and to find our own way out.

  • Be happy for the warmth and love that your family gives you, because there are those who don’t have it.
  • Be happy that there are friends who care for you, because there are those who are lonely.
  • Be happy that you live in material comfort as there are those who lack them.
  • Be happy for loving parents who have planned all their lives to take care of you, because there are orphans who live inside a full home when parents don’t plan.
  • Be happy for a sibling who have ambition and taking care of themselves rather than see a sibling leech off others.
  • Be happy that you know a sober person because in your life there will be those you care for who’s addicted to drugs and wishes to die using drugs.
  • Be happy for the father who provides for the whole family because there are those who don’t.

For all the bads and negatives in our own life, someone else is having it worse. We should be happy for something even if it is the smallest something good in our lives. To do so, I pray for strength and wisdom and for those without.