Motivation to study

19 10 2011

I’m home!

My father used to close his door when he went to bed. However, due to his health condition he’s been sleeping with the door open. Once in the morning if I happened to pass by, I would peek in just to hear him snoring. That’s so I know he’s still alive. I’ve been away for two years. I looked at his meds and realize that some have expired and the plastic vials are just sitting there. Expired PhosLo?? Hmm …

Before that I was sort of lazy and didn’t study hard enough. Sub-par studying doesn’t do me any good!

The home is in such a mess. It’s almost uninhabitable, but as soon as my mom saw me, she started getting excited and cleaned & vacuumed. This is definitely not in any condition for a healthy person to live in. Sometimes I wonder how people can let go of everything and be so unenthusiastic about their home. Seriously though, this place is a hot mess! It looks like a shelter more than a home. In fact, it is worse looking than a shelter.

On the bright side, it is peaceful here. I promise I’ll make it … time to study.



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