Aspartame Fight!

20 01 2012

I’m so glad this Doctor wrote the same thing about what I found in Aspartame. Here was my previous post on Aspartame.

Chris Medina – What Are Words

18 01 2012

From Season 10’s American Idol, his fiancee was in tragic accident and suffered coma traumatic brain injury. He didn’t make the cut, but this single is a big hit in Norwegia & Scandinavia. It’s a very emotional song. Words written by Rodney Jerkins & contributions from Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Kelly Clarkson.

“What are words when you say them during good times, then they’re torn?”

Juliana’s mother keeps a blog for her.


15 01 2012

An interesting piece by Tim Gagnon called “Over the Edge”. He explains it in his youtube video.

I am reposting this link here, the few things I witnessed when I was Dominica on an island away studying medicine.

Calls Center in Dominica with Alcoholic Anonymous, babysitting service, and more

This is the middle of January 2012, yet I feel it is so important to bring this to light and discuss the world we know of today compared to a much simpler and basic way of life. My family grew up in America and a lot of them were born here as first generations American-immigrants.  I take one second to note if only they knew the conditions that we used to live in and to think those are the types of conditions a lot of people are still living, we should feel ashamed.

My head ached from hearing from those fortunate beings whine and throw tantrums about not being able to get the newest and latest iphone 4 technology. Just for a second, they don’t think that next year or the next the iphone 5 is coming and this will soon be outdated.  I’m not saying don’t get it, it’s just that sometimes one needs to prioritize.  Because just for a moment, when the children of America want something so bad and can’t pay for it, they end up putting the bill burden on their parents.

I hear again and again that if you don’t have a car in our state, you’re basically crippled. Well? (fill in the blanks here about public transport and two-feet transport). Suddenly the world becomes your enemy when someone sets you straight or doesn’t help you achieve these material goals. Making enemies of those who used to love you and cared for you dearly before.

Just to set things straight now, I hardly mentioned things I bought, but because there was some misunderstanding I have to discuss them. Last time I brought some expensive weights equipment, it was only left outside to rust without covers on them. And the exercise machine because it has a 250 lbs weight limitation on it. If one is obese or morbidly obese the resistance belt will break on the inside. And there are those machines for doing situps, which seems to just sit on one end of the room …. If I counted back in time, I always bought birthday cakes and some sort of present big or small for them, but I can sort of remember and count the gifts I get in return (very little yet I don’t complain).

and there is the Christmas tree.

This past Christmas, our Christmas tree was empty.  I purposely didn’t buy anything this year and I could have bought some gifts and put them beneath there, but I’m dead broke thanks to school (yet, some didn’t seem to understand that either). Besides, I wanted to see if being without gifts would bring out other meanings to our family life.  Some people fail to realize that if we have less, we eat less and it is more important that family have a chance to be together.

We have forsaken and taken for granted so many basic things in want of material goods. Not only is materialism a big issue in America today, the gluttony of always wanting to eat eat eat… (fill in the blanks). People, those fortunate ones, forget that they have a roof over their heads, a bed to lie in, clean water to shower and wash with, family to come home to, and food on their plates.  These are things we should have been thankful for.

Yet, some find reasons to be depressed. Depressed over what? We should stop being depressed because it is a downward spiral and just keeps getting worse. Lying around depressed for many many years wasting away life. That doesn’t change anything for anyone. Funny thing is, we can all get depressed when others are depressed. Actually, this is called introspection, when you absorb the world outside into your heart and hurt. According to Kaplan reviews is associated with a person’s superego or parenting skills. Hilarious. I don’t want to be anyone’s “parents”, but with time this comes naturally due to my nature and being in the field of medicine.

Tonight, I’m sitting cogitating on lots of things. I think about the few people I know who goes through school and medical school with a lot of support, both emotionally and financially from their families. They are so successful.  I think about how hard I have to work and to do it on my own.  Now, I’m not going to lie. It is very very challenging. But with the right attitude, mindset, and determination I can get through this and hopefully inspire some others who struggle the same. As for the moment, I can only hope that the word MATERIALISM doesn’t take away the best of life.


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Stephen Hawking is my inspiration

9 01 2012

I promise I will complain less and do more. Hawking can accomplish so much, why can’t anyone else work a bit more efficiently?

Today, as I was reviewing I came across this: ANXIETY and AMOTIVATION is the outcome of long term marijuana smoking. Not that I ever tried any, but umm…. how is it ANXIETY and AMOTIVATION can occur simultaneously in an individual and they aren’t even on drugs? Ever ponder that .

Things that lighten the heart

4 01 2012


The comments by yahoo users at the very end are fun… helps lighten up the studying stress.

Doctor quotes

1 01 2012

“Seems I’ve found myself on the voyage of the damned” — Doctor (Star Trek Voyager, “Time and Again” episode)

Addiction and others

1 01 2012

I got it!

All along I thought a person’s obsession is much related to OCD behavior… and it appears that way. But the truth has to do with increase dopamine and ADDICTION. Dopamine also plays a key role in the limbic reward system and is increased in addiction. Dopamine is also involved in Anxiety and Agitation issues. Hence, a person who’s going through some kind of withdrawal due to some drug addiction will appear agitated at other people. Not only that, they’re always antsy and preoccupied with an idea, thoughts, or feelings for several days could even be longer than a week.

In other words, it’s similar to OCD, since OCD itself is a type of anxiety disorder.


Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome and alcohol

For those who will be drinking lots this holiday, it’s safe to understand what it can do to your body. Example, let’s say one is already obese, the effect of drinking will not only cause macrovesicular fatty change in the liver which could be reversible if it’s not long-term. But long-term damages are irreversible. Just being fat itself is causing fatty change in the liver already. Chronic alcoholism not only affects the liver, it affects the brain as well. Alcohol damages the mammillary body and affects a person’s memory. Impaired memory is actually permanent (per UWORLD review).  This is why people fill in the gaps by “confabulating” or making up stories they want to believe. Wernicke’s area in the brain is related to language motor speech and lies close to the opthalmic nerve. Too much drink can cause opthalmoplegia (eye problems), ataxia (imbalance), and nystagmus (more eye problems). Imagine putting this  together with frequent flying in the sky, which increases intracranial pressure which presses down on brain structures and nerves in the brain.

Alcohol leads to poor absorption in the gut causing vitamin deficiencies. Chronic alcohol leads to thiamine deficiency, this affects the brain and also could cause wet beri-beri (a type of high output heart failure). This translates to heart problems!

So while it is fun to have a few drinks with friends, it’s less healthy to be promoting it, especially for those who have health problems to begin with.


So much for a New Year’s health rambling. Hopefully no one sees this until much later so that I’m not taking away the fun.

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