How do doctors wear their diamond rings?

27 04 2012

Frankly, they don’t.  There are forums showing how these medical staffs flaunt their jewelry. Most just wear one set into the ring itself (in-laid) and some say they rotate the ring to the inside of their hand before putting gloves on. One can wear it on their necklace, put it on a safety pin and pin inside scrubs, or just put it away. These things tear gloves.

“i only have 1 wife! but we can get a lot of diamond in the future
i don’t want to lose my wife just because she want a better diamond to show off to people and get your self HURT”

She is worth more than diamonds, he says.

Over the break…

16 04 2012

the coolest thing I did was kill a centipede!

I remembered Dr. Kalliecharan told us once that these are poisonous and the larger ones could cause anaphylactic shock. He mentioned the first time it bit you gives allergic reaction and the second time is a worse response and that one could die.  The centipede looks like a long cockroach of some sort, but it’s not!

I played with babies for a long time and visited family. I still vividly remember my aunt’s cute little pie smiling when I was gently washing his smelly hair (as if he really enjoyed it!). What a cute 1.5 months old! And there was Solera, she’s a handful but the cutest thing I remember her doing was thinking bed time was play time. She wiggled around in bed with her diapered butt up, and squirmed around tossing and turning the blanket to find a comfy position. Then my aunt came in and she put her shorty little leg over my aunt’s neck and just laughed. What a cute 1 year old! Then there’s Emily, she puts her arm out but no one picks her up so she’ll just draw her arms back to her body. What a cute 6 months old!

My grandpa and I, we turned off the main electrical switch and caused a house blackout for some good hour. It was pretty embarrassing since we crashed our uncle and aunty’s place already. But I did value that time very much as grandpa didn’t let us light his holy candles that he displayed on his dresser hehe. This valuable time, little Syler (who’s turning 3) clinged on me because of the dark and wouldn’t get off so we got a chance to bond trust. My other uncle and aunty’s family were there and everyone just sat together in the living room or huddled around the kitchen table.  I’d say sometimes lights out is really a priceless experience. It also breaks your heart when you hear a 2 yr old learn the word “shoes” and says it for the first time correctly as he frantically searches for his pair of shoes so that he could go outside to play.

All of this is truly endearing.

I missed some of my bigger cousins. We met but didn’t appropriately hang out longer. I’ll visit again in the future and hopefully not be obligated to studying. 🙂

Autism and vaccination

12 04 2012

A healthy discussion amongst doctors? Seems like Dr. Harvey Karp is nailing it right on about evidence-based medicine.


Dr. Jay Gordon’s response to their discussion.


And the person who originally started the whole Autism and Vaccination link Andrew Wakefield is no longer a doctor, stripped of his medical license, and in worst called fraud studies.


Living like a Billionaire article

6 04 2012

I enjoyed reading this article very much. It reminded me of one day when I stepped out of the airport terminal at LAX, I was standing next to a really tall, handsome gentleman who looked like he could be on a movie set.  It was strange because he was just standing there by himself next to me. I looked down and see that he only had one rugged torn edged luggage and a laptop bag.  Next thing I knew, a black car (Roll-Royce maybe?) rolls up as he waived it down and the chauffeur came out to put his belongings away into the trunk.

It’s not a life that I could ever imagine. All I could see in front of my eyes is half the debt I’ve accumulated so far ever since starting school.  By the time I finish I will owe as much as it costs to buy a house. The only thing that scares me is to not be able to see that far into the future in 6 years whether or not I will have a job to pay off all of this. There are all types of risks when you want to do big things.  I guess it’s just not something I should think about at this moment.

In the article, these were the memorable quotes I would like to save here; words from a billionaire:

During the trip, I ask the billionaire what it’s like to be among the richest people in the world.

“Look,” he says. “I think all it does is make things easier.”

Like most of the wealthy people I’ve met while covering Wall Street, he plays down the effects of money. “I don’t think it changes you that much,” he said. “The happy guy who makes tons of money is still happy. If somebody’s a jerk before, he’s a jerk when he’s got a billion dollars.”

Babies… yup.

5 04 2012

If anyone doesn’t know me well, I have this obsession with cute little babies. I’m certain I don’t want to do Pediatrics because I tried playing with kids and they are a handful! Your upper back hurts at the end of the day because you have to pick them up simply bc they are so darn cute. And I’d like to save that love for my own children if I’m lucky enough to have any one day.

Here’s how I feel about the USMLE Step I

Going to the end of earth for you

3 04 2012

I liked Kelly Clarkson’s version here but Trish Yearwood’s voice fits this song so well too.  I’ve learned to block out some very difficult challenges and at the same time I am going to work hard to look at a brighter future ahead.