Living like a Billionaire article

6 04 2012

I enjoyed reading this article very much. It reminded me of one day when I stepped out of the airport terminal at LAX, I was standing next to a really tall, handsome gentleman who looked like he could be on a movie set.  It was strange because he was just standing there by himself next to me. I looked down and see that he only had one rugged torn edged luggage and a laptop bag.  Next thing I knew, a black car (Roll-Royce maybe?) rolls up as he waived it down and the chauffeur came out to put his belongings away into the trunk.

It’s not a life that I could ever imagine. All I could see in front of my eyes is half the debt I’ve accumulated so far ever since starting school.  By the time I finish I will owe as much as it costs to buy a house. The only thing that scares me is to not be able to see that far into the future in 6 years whether or not I will have a job to pay off all of this. There are all types of risks when you want to do big things.  I guess it’s just not something I should think about at this moment.

In the article, these were the memorable quotes I would like to save here; words from a billionaire:

During the trip, I ask the billionaire what it’s like to be among the richest people in the world.

“Look,” he says. “I think all it does is make things easier.”

Like most of the wealthy people I’ve met while covering Wall Street, he plays down the effects of money. “I don’t think it changes you that much,” he said. “The happy guy who makes tons of money is still happy. If somebody’s a jerk before, he’s a jerk when he’s got a billion dollars.”



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