Passed USMLE Step 1 !

12 07 2012

I received my score yesterday morning it posted at 5 a.m. instead of noon time as the ECFMG / Oasis site stated, just a few hours earlier than expected. So 15 gray hairs later and all the time and effort injected into studying, reminds me that I have made it this far and should be so proud of myself! 🙂

I ran out to get the Physical Exam done and scanned turned in all the appropriate documents required by the Clinical Department (with guidance from my colleagues as to what to send. Thanks you guys!)

Today, I spoke with my really good friend about Ross training. I’m not going to lie; Ross was not a joke! And passing the first part of the licensure exam doesn’t make me entitled to being pompous about anything. It was a struggle the whole way as being out of school and bring out of touch with reality made it even harder to finish up to this point. Making the decision to go see my grandpa and hanging out for more than a month was a major break in studying. When I came back, I practically had forgotten a lot of things learned before. Saying one could review or relearn was basically lying to oneself, but  managed to pull through. 🙂

Since the basic sciences portion of my training was the most painful 2 years. What’s important is to not bottle it all inside and to find someone who can give you a slight positive pressure and the emotional support you need plus good ears on days when you need to cry.  Everyone needs someone to shoulder their burden for them to pour their heart out. Any negativity and drama has to be tuned out from your life in order to be successful. Choosing the right people to hang around with is also important: while one can motivate you to do better someone else can really drag you down.  At the same time it is important to talk to someone who really understands and comprehends what you are going through, not someone who will talk down to you or belittle you for the decisions you have made. You simply cannot please everyone!  At the end of the day, it is always yourself whom you have to battle with. Just remind yourself to breathe and take it day at a time as it comes.

What’s important is to try to be happy with yourself. Try to not take everyone’s problems to make them your own as you are already struggling. Because when one is not happy, it truly shows on your face and we age so much faster. Life is very beautiful and colorful. This beautiful rose reminds us to wake up and enjoy everyday of the life that is given to us.