Hurricane Sandy coming to New York

27 10 2012

Evacuation map


So it looks like anyone living near the edge of the water will have to evacuate. Those inland will just ride out the Tropical Storm or Hurricane depending on the eye of the Hurricane.

Hurricane tracker interactive map

Near the last week of Psychiatry. My first rotation

2 10 2012

I haven’t been able to really collect my thoughts on everything that has happened thus so far.

Week 1. The first week of Psych went very well bc I was fortunate enough to have a super personal and nice Resident guide the way and teach us.  We learned Freudian theories and how to apply it to Human Development and Behavioral health. We traveled through Detox and Substance Dependence units and did Acute Partial Hospitalization / Mental Health and Chemically Dependent units.

Week 2. Went horrendously on Day2 and the next Resident and I settled things diplomatically so that it wouldn’t escalate. On top of that, I gained so much insight and understanding into his world also. Aside from what went wrong, he had made it up tremendously by giving me the guidance I could never have asked for elsewhere. I had the most memorable time in the unit as well since it held a lot Schizophrenic patients that I could never have imagined being all in one place.  My first encounter was with a patient who had a straight face and said “I feel like a muppet” causing me to turn around to look. What we do here is hold back any giggles or laughter even if we find it funny what the patients say sometimes.

The patient had also one day knelt in front of me and cried, begging us to call her mother, and it just startled me as I was at a loss of words and did not know what to make of it. The patient’s tears were real. The world they live in is so real in their minds and it was sad for me to understand what they go through.

Week 3. Another acute unit

Week 4. Children’s unit. The things that you learn here can break your heart at the same time enlighten you.

Week 5. That’s where I am right now. The Residents have switched units and I can sense that there is much strain or tension for the ones in charge of us. It must be difficult for everyone who feels obligated to be in charge of the students. Especially the ones that keep ditching unit time with the Residents to go study. Even the ones that got permission for time off to study got chided for hanging around studying. It’s been quite a challenging week. Things have gotten so much easier on the units in terms of filling out forms. The tension is just passing around, so we have to be extremely careful not to tread on toes. Even giggling could be seen as inappropriate. It’s just an inconvenience that there are not personal counselors or Psych therapists for these doctors who are working there. If only they had one, the well-being and mental health of the department would improve dramatically. For now, I’ll try not to be the target or dart board. It’s just kind of hard to do that sometimes.  What I’m doing now is just taking it all in stride even with the chiding and disapprovals. Some things once done cannot be undone. We should move forward. With my time here, I have enjoyed the Attendings joy for having students so much more and appreciate any chances of interactions we have with them.

Next week is exam time and I have very little time to think about anything. Few things I did learn is that there are some very serious students out here and a few who are the “I-know-it-alls”. They like to direct and boss people around and two are even as nasty as to isolate a fellow classmate, and another likes to say “I said her name, not yours” kinda deal.  Sometimes, you just have to laugh it off and pray for better days in the mist of other’s ignorance and immaturity. Ignoring the negativities is a must.