Family Medicine rotation week 2

16 11 2012

It’s been stressful this week for my Resident. Even I feel the pressure. We had a cancer patient and two stroke patients and a Crohn’s patient… and in the previous week we saw CREST scleroderma patient too. The dementia patient is not ours anymore and is under another doctor’s care, but somehow he’s kind of like mine bc I have to keep visiting the same room he’s in.

The dementia patient walked off into the stairs today and tried to elope, but he’s a cute elderly. I told him “I have pampers. You want?” and he said “ok” and came back up the stairs. lol

However, not everything is rosie and fun. The stroke patient must have some kind of infection. I don’t know if it is sepsis or his blood pressure is malignant bc he was diaphoretic sweating from his forehead, feverish, and had hematuria. Was he going through kidney failure? I saw his green discharges from the eye yesterday but don’t know if he received antibiotics or not. His care is up to my Resident so what happened from last night to today? At this point, I am wondering what did the Cancer patient family say or do that made their care even more urgent than this patient’s? Was discharging them that important that the doctor had less time to focus on his other patient’s health? But thank God the Chief and Attending were there to help.  They made the appropriate decision to transfer our patient to where he could have constant monitoring as his blood pressure kept fluctuating in the 200s and 140s.

All I can do is pray for the guy to hang in there and get through this. He was doing better yesterday when I held his hand and we shared a laugh. I hope he can improve in a few days.