Finished Internal Medicine.. Hello OBGYN

31 03 2013

OBGYN is a different monster of its own. I couldn’t believe it was my second day and there were deliveries left and right. We had an eventful call day with 3 vaginals deliveries + 4 Cesarian sections. The hours are rough though since I don’t understand why the doctors are allowed to sleep during calls but we have to stay awake for 30 hours straight. Basically with this rotation there are no days off, since on the day we’re actually off we’re catching up on sleep.

On surgery days, we see D&Cs mostly and hysterocospies with mini laprarotomies. It’s important to know how the doctor is going to do a C-section or how they plan to do their vaginal deliveries. It’s true when they say few females are rougher than their male counterparts. Thank God I’m not one of them since I try to be gentle when possible.

One male doctor gave me the best impression of a C-section anyone could ask for. No staples! He sutured the inside of the incision and before the whole procedure he removed the old Cesarian scar. This was C-section and patient compassion at its best. I didn’t touch the baby, but got to deliver the placenta. All I have to say is,… it was bloody gross. Watching live births are more beautiful because of the whole birthing process. Except when the amniotic fluid gushes out everywhere or squirt up like a geyser during a cesarian. Trying to be as professional as possible, but considering it’s our first time seeing this…. we have to be given a break.