OBGYN done, Cardio elective and Step 2 exams

6 05 2013

30 hrs-days every 3 days was incredibly tough. I felt like I came out from something surreal. We’ve learned so much from how to scrub in, suturing techniques, reviewing Anatomy, and how to deliver babies, how to properly inspect the down-belows.

Right now I’m studying for Step 2 CS and CK. Started a new elective it’s really easy about 3 days a week and 3 hrs or 4 each time. I just have to get used to the Cardiologist calling everyone a “bitch” and “stupid” and his odd behaviors e.g. kicking people in the legs. This is some form of verbal and physical abuse? Thank God it’s only two short weeks and I really appreciate how it’s only few hrs a day x 3 days a week.

Life has to go on even though I’ve lost my dad so early. No one gives a pity.