Passed the Step 2 CS and CK! The year in review 2013

22 01 2014

This is overdue post, but I passed Step 2 CS in May and Step 2 CK in August. There was a delay in the scoring report so I didn’t find out until the middle of September last year. The year in review I have completed most of my elective rotations.
After my Pediatrics Core rotation, I’ve completed:

  • Cardiology:  the doctor taught us a lot, there was a post devoted to this previously.
  • Pulmonology: after this tough rotation, I became a better note-taker. Walked out of this feeling like I got infected with TB.
  • Radiology: the most enjoyable rotation in this lifetime
  • Pathology: the nicest people I have ever met … probably bc they don’t deal with the stress of people on a daily basis lol
  • Heme/Oncology: learned so much about terminal conditions…
  • Infectious Disease: by far the best rotation I ever had. We had no residents so basically we were experiencing the real doctor life by doing everything. Walked out of this one scared of contracting Coccidiodomycosis which could basically be outside the lungs, in the skin, in the bones and joints, in the brain. My heart started to hurt after this rotation, makes me wonder if I even got infectious endocarditis like some bacteria vegetating on my heart valve.  There wasn’t an evening when I wasn’t feeling flushed or feverish after each evening coming out of the ICU/DOU units especially after patients have die from the H1N1 swine flu. It could happen to anybody when your immune system is lowered.

Now I am doing a Surgery Core rotation which has actually been treating me very very well! No pimping, no nasty attacks from Residents or Attendings. This is great! I don’t know about the last 6 weeks though, we will find out.