Strong women

6 09 2014

Came across this amazing profile and thought I’d share it to encourage self into positive-thinking mode.

“Thanh Thao Le, M.D.                                                                                                                     

TT was born in Saigon, Viet Nam, and immigrated from Vietnam with her family as a teen.  Overcoming language and cultural barriers, her family settled in Houston, TX.  She attended Davenport University in Grand Rapids, MI where she received both her BS and MBA.  TT serves as a Vietnamese interpreter for Language Line Services, which is an international company that translates for 911 emergency calls, hospital and doctor’s offices, insurance companies, Medicaid and Medicare services, the police department and banks. Family is an important part of her life, but she also like spending spare time with her husband, reading mysteries and writing, watching medical dramas and documentaries, listenting to music, traveling and learning about cultures.  She is learning new cuisines and perfecting her Vietnamese cooking.  Thao, now known as Captain Le will be stationed at Hanscom Air Force Base in Massachusetts.”