A mother who’s a doctor

3 12 2014


at 14.5 minutes, the son bends forward so that he can carry his mother on his back. For the longest time, he was alienated from his mother who did not have the time for most of his life because she was so busy taking care of patients and other businesses but their own. He finally understands his mother with the help of a lady friend who goes and digs into their past life. The story is so sad and this son depicts the feelings so well in this acting.

Going forward without residency for a year. COMPLETELY MY FAULT.

2 12 2014

In reply to people who actually saw my last blog about framing my diploma and not getting residency while being $330k in debt…

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hey there, what a somber post. i feel just awful for you. I just had my interview for ross and this post just scared the daylights out of me. what are your plans going forward? and what caution signs would you put up for other non trade going the ross route?

All the best,


Dear Dani,

My plans going forward was I ended up paying a bit extra to get Interview Prep help with Kaplan. Ross did give mock interviews, but does very little to guide and assist in interviewing techniques and CV reviewing. During this time, one needs to review their file and apply for clinical work anywhere and volunteer in related fields e.g. if you are applying Family Medicine you’d want to work in a clinic or doctor’s office. If you apply Surgery, you’d be working with a Surgeon etc to get a letter of recommendation stating an “observership” similarity of some sort. Get another degree. Anything to keep your hopes up. Ask Ross for a job. And then reapply in the upcoming year and hope for the best while you fine-tune your application and extracurricular activities again.

Just know that it will be harder and harder for IMGs to match in upcoming years. Last year it was a 48% MATCH, but will be a less number in coming years as residency positions are stagnant and not opening up fast enough to accommodate the growing graduates in medicine from both Osteopathic and Allopathic schools.

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Hi, thanks so much for blogging your experience. I am interviewing for Ross soon, but I’m concerned about whether I will be able to obtain a residency when I’m done. Is that something I should be concerned about? How do people end up not being matched and is it likely that this happens? Thanks!

Dear Maily,

If you are stellar at studying and don’t think that you will have average grades, go for it. What matters most to Residency programs is high USMLE STEP I scores on first attempt. Step 2 CK must be higher than Step 1 and then passing Step 2CS on first attempt. Eventually one day, you will match residency if you keep trying and put in 110% effort to get all the experiences you can from others applying to Residency. Interview skills need preparation so don’t just go walking in there thinking you’re ready for an interview. It’s like studying for another STEP exam. I can honestly say God had a different plan for me this year and I wasn’t prepared for my interview last year… so it was COMPLETELY MY FAULT. Amend our own faults and move on forward.