Surgery work in Vietnam

29 11 2015

Missing surgical supplies and maybe more training. Definitely forwarding to that one organization that’s going out to train other countries crating sustainable residency programs there.

Definitely should be forwarded to organizations like the HEAL Initiative at UCSF.

Where we donate vs diseases that kill us

20 11 2015

CDC report graph in 2011 shows that we’re not donating to the causes that kills the most.

2011 CDC report

Accidental Overdose stories due to medical technology and human errors

7 11 2015

“Alert Fatigue” is the term for providers ignoring the medical alerts appearing on the screen in electronic health records.

This year I am doing research and in one of the morning reports there was a discussion of Robert Wachter’s book and how a 16 year old patient from UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital was given 38.5 pill of Septra (Trimethoprim-Sulfamethazole) . The link is here. And while the doctor and the pharmD discussed their “alert fatigue” and the article talked about EHR technology errors. There was more than 1 chance that someone could have caught the error and no one noticed. Human error and fatigue…. is actually pretty scary.

taken from the book