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diamond under pressure

“A diamond is a chunk of coal that is made good under pressure.” – Henry Kissinger.


For many years, I have worked very hard to get into medical school. Once you fall out of the loop, it is even more difficult to get into a U.S. medical school because the number of seats are limited. Even if your GPA is much improved in your last year of college and even with a steady postbaccalaureate performance and a Master’s degree, getting into a U.S. medical school is still a small possibility.

Let’s start off by saying you’ll meet many atypical students. I am one of them. Circumstances show that there are many who aren’t as fortunate as others e.g. coming from homes in which one of your parents is a doctor or making steady income or that everyone in the home is doing o.k.  I’ve had to endure a lot of challenge to get to where I am today. There were days in which I remember having to pull out credit card fees and selling products to trade them in for cash just to make the business rent even though it was inevitably failing from the economy.  I helped “someone” with her credit card payment because she made it sound like it was urgent all the while there were two people in my lives who had gambling issues they could not fix (something I learned later, of course).  Sometimes, I forget about myself.  I’ve had days when all I had for the whole day was an Odwalla Super Protein shake and a pack of instant noodles.  If these challenges doesn’t push me to work enough to achieve what I can today, I don’t know what else will.

In my previous career before pursuing medicine, both my father and my sister had gotten sick. You may read about it on and off in my blog. Both of these events occurred only 3 months apart from each other. It was devastating, but I did what I had to and drop a life that was all too comfortable and romantic in San Francisco to come home.  There were days I drove back and forth on the freeway to the hospital, occasionally dozing off for a split second or longer and miraculously did not get hurt.  God cannot watch over us all the time, but I was thankful for those times he did watch over me.

During this time we also lost our home, but there was a reason behind it and it was meant for the better in the future that not everyone agreed with.  I met the most wonderful and important person in my life during these times of hardship also. From then on the story just gets better. I’ve gained valuable experiences and insights during this time working at the hospital adding to my portfolio and resume of what will take me a very long way in life.

I realize that there are other ways I can help people.  Health is a lifestyle choice that caring alone cannot give and requires the proper education and even money.  Not to mention this medical school deal takes a very heavy toll on me financially and health-wise. It is not easy at all.


Hence, our journey with non-traditional medicine begins ….

If you have any questions about medical school in the Caribbean, feel free to ask.

Here are a few links for those considering Caribbean schools:

Look at all the books I had to use for reviewing for MCAT. If I quit my job and reviewed, retake few classes, it would surmount to another year or two of waiting.

IMG_1535 IMG_1538



[on edited note:  06/07/2010  All these books are nothing compared to how much studying we have to do in med school]

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23 02 2013

I am delighted to find your blog. I too am a non traditional medical student, first year, second semester, in a USA MD school. I look forward to reading your posts on your blog. Here is mine: http://roadlesstraveledmd.wordpress.com/
Keep in touch, Dr.


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